Good Seed 2018-2019 Event Schedule


Date Event
9/8/187  (10am – noon) IEP seminar (Christine Ahn)
10/6/18  (10am – noon) ASD treatment (ABA services and related topics)
11/10/18 Regional Center Info meeting
Hye Chung Byon (Alameda County Regional Center)
12/8/18 -Learning from the Bible – Money and Tax in Proverb : Rachel Choi (CPA)
-Christmas Party (Talent show)
1/26/19 Speech seminar
(Hyuna Kim – SJUSD, Speech Pathologist)
2/23/19 SSI Benefit seminar
Sarah Kim (SSA Social worker)
4/20/19 Easter party
5/11/19 Mother’s day party
6/15/19 Father’s day party

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